Vacuum type ( Freestanding type)  tilted/slide mortar

・Stirring and grinding (simultaneous stirring, grinding, kneading, and dispersing) in a vacuum/reduced pressure atmosphere or an inert gas-substituted atmosphere such as argon or nitrogen gas.

・The agitation ground process for anaerobic materials and de-aerating from materials and accelerating evaporation of water such as solvents in a decompressed atmosphere can be performed.

(An electric hot water roasting system can be installed as an option and the mortar can be agitated and ground while being heated from the outside.

・The mortar can be lowered by a manual handle and swiveled to the left at an angle of 90 degrees for convenient loading/unloading of the ingredients.


type 24P
rotation method OR type
mortar type Porcelain mortar/metal bowl
inner radius(mm) 355
depth(mm) 203
Outer machine size volume(L) 7
length(mm) 1040
width(mm) 810
height(mm) 1310
Power 0.4
three-phase 200V (kW)
number of pestle 2

Product movement

※This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function so that you can see the machine in operation.

video for No.24R (TILTED)

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