Large mortar type that can be heated and cooled

・An external heat source can heat a metal bowl or porcelain mortar from the outside, or It can be agitated and ground while cooling.
・It is equipped with a double-pot (jacket) that covers the bowl and mortar from the outside.
 The entire pot is heated and cooled evenly to keep it warm.
・Since it is an external heat source, it can easily be used in an explosion-proof environment.
・It is easy to change the shape of the pestle top and the strength of the spring built into the pestle.
・It is possible to adjust the grinding and agitating power of the machine by using the following methods.
・In addition to gunmetal, cast metal, and stainless steel, the pot can be made of porcelain (*1).
 The FR and OR methods can be selected from two types of agitation methods (FR type and OR type*2).
 Two agitation methods, FR and OR*2, can be selected. The price of the machine varies. 
・Install an inverter, digital timer, etc. as an option
By attaching an inverter, digital timer, etc. to the pestle, the rotation speed of the pestle can be changed and the  operating time of the machine can be controlled.
*1)/2) For the combination of porcelain mortar and porcelain pestle, only the OR type is available for the rotating method from Type A to Type B.


type 7A 7AA 7B 7C
Rotation method OR  type・FR type*(Combination of porcelain pestle and mortar is OR type only)
metal bowls type

Metal bowls such as gunmetal, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.

(porcelain mortar is 7A  to 7B.  →see No.6 porcelain mortar)

Inner radius(mm) 584 762 914 1067
depth(mm) 267 355 406 470

Outer machine


volume(L) 20 60 100 150
length(mm) 1150 1430 1710 1930
width(mm) 730 920 1080 1270
height(mm) 1220 1500 1740 1890
Power 0.75 1.5 2.2
three phases 200V(kW)
number of pestle 3

Product movement

This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function so that you can watch the machine operation.

video for 6A

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