Variable speed tabletop type

AGB type has precise and powerful crushing ability, and at the same time, it can also stir, disperse, mix and knead.

Suitable for stirring and grinding a small amount of hard materials.

-Equipped with an inverter and a timer as standard equipment, you can create crushed objects under the same conditions, maintain the reproducibility of crushed object production, and help build accurate data for comparative tests.

-The installation location is also a smooth desktop type that can be used anywhere. It is also convenient because it can be easily moved. Since it has a protective cover with an interlock switch, it comes standard with a safety device that prevents the sample from scattering and at the same time stops the rotation of the punch when the cover is opened. The rotation method  is (FR type)




Rotation method

FR type
Mortar type  Agate, Alumina (97%) , Tungsten carbide

Inner radius (mm)

Agate: 120

Alumina: 120

Tungsten carbide: 140

Mortar depth (mm)

Agate: 30

Alumina: 30

Tungsten carbide: 63

Machine outside

size usage volume (L)


Machine outside

dimension length (mm)


Outside machine

width (mm)


Outside machine

height (mm)


Power supply

Single-phase 100V (kW)

Number of pestle 1
option Analog timer, inverter, interlock standard equipment

Product movement

*This machine is removed an interlock function for the taking a movie of the machine operation.

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