Standard type   Freestanding type

 ・The AGA type has a precise and powerful grinding ability and mixes and diffuses at the same time.

・Since the mechanism is designed to perform a certain amount of work at a certain time accurately, the comparison of the properties of a sample can be clarified and it is useful for making accurate data. In the case of the machine with a tungsten carbide bowl, the bowl mounting base of the machine is of a special type and cannot be used in place of an agate bowl or alumina bowl. A stainless steel frame case and digital timer can be installed as an option.
・Rotating method is FR type



style                                                                       AGA type
Rotating method FR type
Mortar Type Agate Alumina(97%) Tungsten carbide
Inner radius(mm) 120 140
depth(mm) 30 63
Outer machine size volume(L) 0.05
length(mm) 490
width(mm) 410
height(mm) 1180
Power supply 0.2
Single phase 100V(kW)
Number of pestle 1

Product movement

*This machine is removed an interlock function for taking a movie of the machine operation.

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