24R (heating/cooling type)

24R (heating/cooling type)

Heating/cooling type, Freestanding, tilted mortar

・This is the type with an electric hot water heater attached to No. 24R.

・A thermostat can be installed  (Price not included)

・・The mortar can be tilted by operating the handle, making it easy to take out the work done.



type 24R(heating/cooling type)
rotation method OR type
mortar type porcelain
Inner radius(mm) 355
depth(mm) 203
Outer machine size volume(L) 7
length(mm) 830
width(mm) 840
height(mm) 1340
Power 0.4
Three-phase 200V(kW)
Number of pestle 2pcs
spatula Y
inverter option

Product movement

※This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function so that you can see the machine in operation.

video for No.20  (freestanding type)

PDF for printing

Please contact us if you would like a specification of No. 24R electric hot water heater type in English.
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