Large mortar /bowl type   standard type

・This is a mass production machine with a porcelain bowl and pestle.

・The surface texture of the porcelain is resistant to chemical products and is ideal for work with pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

・Multi-bowl is possible with gunmetal, cast metal, stainless steel, etc.

・Two rotating system methods, FR and OR, are available, and various mortars/bowl and pestles are available according to the application.

・Inverter and digital timer are available as options.


No.6 porcelain mortar


Porcelain Mortar type 6A 6AA 6B
rotation method OR type
mortar type porcelain mortar 
Inner radius(mm) 584 762 914
depth(mm) 305 394 406
outer machine size volume(L) 20 60 100
length(mm) 1170 1470 1730
width(mm) 780 1000 1130
height(mm) 1240 1560 1790
power 0.75 1.5
Three-phase  200V(kW)
number of pestle


No.6 multi-bowl(metal bowl)



(metal bowl)

type 6A 6AA 6B 6C
rotation method FR  type・OR type
mortar type gunmetal, cast metal, stainless steel
Inner radius(mm) 584 762 914 1067
depth(mm) 280 368 432 495
Out machine size volume(L) 20 60 100 150
length(mm) 1150 1460 1720 1800
width(mm) 740 970 1120 1270
height(mm) 1260 1520 1720 1760
power 0.75 1.5 2.2
Three-phase  200V(kW)
number of pestle 3

Product movement

Rotation method :FR type

This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function so that you can see the machine in operation.

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