Vacuum type  ( Freestanding type)

・mall porcelain mortar machine No. 18 and No. 16 with a fixed vacuum cover.

・In combination with a vacuum pump, this machine can be used for gas replacement of anaerobic materials with inert gases such as argon gas and nitrogen gas, agitation grinding in a decompressed atmosphere, and defoaming of materials.


・The ZD type has a stainless steel coating on the inside of the vacuum cover to improve corrosion resistance.


*The vacuum pump is not included, but it is available as an option.


type 18ZD 16ZD
rotation method OR type
mortar type


inner radius(mm) 203 152
depth(mm) 114 84
Outer machine size volume(L) 1 0.4
length(mm) 680 540
width(mm) 610 510
height(mm) 1500 1320
Power 0.2
Single phase    100V(kW)
Number of pestle 1 2

Product movement

This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function  so that you can see machine movement.

 video for No.18  (freestanding)

PDF Catalog for 16ZD, 18ZD

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