Desk top type (Standard type) pestles lifting type

 ・The function of the Ishikawa agitating grinder D series (Desktop machine) is inherited and equipped as standard.

(Inverters and digital timers are equipped as standard equipment to change the rotation speed of the pestle and to set the operating time of the machine).

・In addition, by raising and lowering the pestle in accordance with the raising and lowering of the upper part of the machine, the work of taking out the contents of the bowl after agitating and grinding is performed, and the work of taking out the contents of the mortar.

Removing and replacing the mortar and pestle is  easier.
*The photo shows the top of the machine (pestle) raised. It is easy to change the pestle and take out the mortar.


  type D20SL
Porcelain mortar  Inner radium(mm) 254
depth(mm) 140
volume(ℓ) 2
Outer machine size length(mm) 550
width(mm) 391
height(mm) 549(739)*
Power source Single phase 100V            (KW) 120
Pestle type Dust proof
Number of Pestle  2
spatula Y
weight (kg) 50

                *(    ) is the height of the upper part of the machine at maximum extension

Product movement

※This machine is  removed an interlocking function for taking a movie of machine operation.

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