This is a machine whose main purpose is to adjust analytical samples and crush small amounts of hard substances.

It is a machine suitable for relatively small-scale manufacturing up to about 7 liters and for use in research and development.

This machine is suitable for manufacturing from 10ℓ to 150ℓ, depending on the variation of the pestles and mortars.

What is the stirring and crushing machine? Features of the Ishikawa  Grinding Mixer

Introducing the features of the stirring crusher and the ISHIKAWA Grinding Mixer

What is a stirring grinding mixer?

Stirring means literally "mixing" with stirring and "grinding" with stirring.

The stirring and crushing machine, which is a machine for processing this stirring and crushing work, simultaneously performs grinding (grinding, crushing, crushing) work and mixing work such as stirring, dispersion and kneading.

Hard to re-aggregate due to simultaneous work of stirring and mashing

The ISHIKAWA Grinding Mixer (stirring grinding mixer) does not just mix!

What is the synergistic effect of stirring and crushing by simultaneous processing of mashing, stirring, dispersing and kneading.


Agitation is the mixing of multiple ingredients. However, the stirring and crushing process using the Ishikawa type stirring and crushing machine immediately stirs and disperses the particles in the material as soon as the particles in the material are crushed (crushed or crushed) by the pestle top.

These particles are finely ground and at the same time uniformly stirred, dispersed and kneaded in the material by the shearing stress between the tip and the mortar generated by the rotation of the pestle and the frictional force that the tip directly applies to the material.

The finer the particles are crushed and disintegrated, the easier it is to evenly stir and disperse them in the material. ‥

In addition, the materials that are subject to stirring and crushing have the effect of stirring and crushing on various materials, from liquids that do not contain particles to be crushed to highly viscous paste substances and powders. .. A customer of the Ishikawa type stirring and crushing machine said, ``Even if the material that was considered not necessary to be crushed is subjected to the stirring and crushing process, shear stress and frictional force are added to the material, and it is re-separated after the process rather than just the stirring process. We often hear that the results are difficult.


In this way, crushing (crushing, crumbling) and stirring, dispersion, and kneading processes affect each other, so that ground particles are less likely to re-aggregate and the dispersed state is stable, and stirring and crushing (crushing) There is a synergistic effect that was not available when treating separately. ‥

Illustration of the crushing and stirring work that differs in the processing results between the Ishikawa type stirring and crushing machine and the stirring machine

Applications that apply the function of uniformly processing the materials of the  ISHIKAWA Grinding Mixer Not only stirring and crushing, but also the function of promoting powder surface treatment and mechanical alloying

The function of the ISHIKAWA Grinding Mixer that the punch of the I SHIKAWA Grinding Mixer can repeat evenly and evenly in the mortar with moderate force is the function of the stirring and crushing process described above "grinding, stirring, In addition to "simultaneous work of kneading and dispersion", "(1) work of uniformly treating the surface of the particles while stirring the powder" and "(2) work of uniformly evaporating the solvent etc. and concentrating the materials to uniformly knead" , "③ The tip of the punch repeatedly applies an appropriate amount of force to the material to squeeze it, which is also used to make alloys such as "mechanical alloying" and "mechanochemicals" and to promote chemical reactions.

Process the powder surface uniformly while stirring the powder

Silane coupling agent treatment

Silicone coating


Mechanical alloying

Making alloys by mechanically mixing multiple elements or compounds in the solid state. By mechanical alloying, it is possible to make alloys of elements that do not mix even in the molten state.



Chemical reaction such as crystallization reaction, solid solution reaction, phase transition reaction, etc. that uses mechanical energy such as friction and compression in the process of pulverizing solid substances.


The specifications, appearance and external dimensions of Ishikawa machines are subject to change without notice.

In some cases, it may be technically and economically difficult to manufacture a new machine. In such a case, we may suggest you a new Ishikawa machine.

Please contact us for the latest information on the Ishikawa type machines.