Large mortar with heating and cooling capability, tilted

Large mortar with heating and cooling capability, tilted

- A bowl tilts forward to make it easy to put and take out materials. As it tilts mechanically, it can be used in hazardous environments where explosion-proof solution is required.

- It has dual bowls for heating/cooling from outside with an external heat source. It enables grinding and mixing while heating or cooling what's inside the bowl.

- It is suitable for grinding, stirring, dispersing, and kneading while melting resin or evaporating solvents.

- Grinding and mixing performance can be adjusted by changing the head shape and spring tension of the pestle.

- Optional inverter and digital timer are available to change the pestle rotation speed and manage the duration of operation.

* Machine without pestle in photo



type 13A 13AA 13B 13C
Rotation method OR type/FR type
mortar type Gunmetal・Cast iron ・Stainless steel
Inner radius(mm) 584 762 914 1067
depth(mm) 330 381 457 495
Outer machine size volume(L) 20 60 100 150
length(mm) 1250 1440 1700 1930
width(mm) 1350 1550 1700 1900
height(mm) 1600 1880 2050 2150
Power 0.75 1.5 2.2
three phases 200V(kW)
number of pestle 3

Product movement

This machine is not equipped with an interlocking function so that you can watch the machine operation.

FR type movie

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