16EB/18EB/20EB/22EB/24EB(electric hot water boiling type)

16EB/18EB/20EB/2EB2/24EB(electric hot water boiling type)

Heating and cooling type (Freestanding)

・Built-in heater for heating

・It is equipped with an outer case (jacket) for heating and keeping the temperature of the porcelain mortar from the outside, and can be used for agitation and grinding.

・The temperature inside the porcelain bowl (mortar) can be raised to 120℃.

  It can dissolve thermoplastic resin as a filler or binder and mix it with other materials.  Therefore, it can be used to dissolve thermoplastic resin as a filler or binder and mix it with materials.

・The Porcelain mortar can be agitated and ground while being cooled from the outside by filling the double chamber with cold water or by supplying cold water from outside. (In case of cooling, measures such as dew condensation may be required depending on the environment in which the pottery is used.

・The same agitation grinding performance of the Ishikawa Grinding Process

 Ishikawa agitating and grinding machine The agitation grinding capacity of the vertical type has been succeeded to the same level.

 If the number is the same, the porcelain bowl (mortar) and the porcelain pestle (pestle) are the same, so they can be replaced with the same number of the same type.

・In addition to the single-phase 100V, this model can be powered by the three-phase 200V.


type 16 18 20 22 24
rotation method OR type
mortar type porcelain mortar
Inner radius(mm) 152 203 254 305 355
depth(mm) 84 114 141 170 203
Outer machine size volume(L) 0.4 1 2 4 7
length(mm) 510 510 610 610 660
width(mm) 510 510 610 610 660
height(mm) 1260 1380 1470 1550 1720
Power 0.2 0.4
Single phase 100V(kW)
Built-in heater 0.6 1 2
Single phase 100V(kW)
Number of pestle 1 2
spatula N Y

Product movement

※This machine is removed an interlocking function so that you can see the machine in movement.

video for 22EB (freestanding type)

PDF Catalog for 16EB/18EB/20EB/22EB/24EB

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