Desktop models   Standard type

・Five Desktop models with stainless steel housing added to the lineup.

・This is a manufacturing machine with a porcelain bowl (mortar) and a porcelain pestle (pestle). The texture of porcelain is chemical-resistant and ideal for use in handling pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

・The inverter and timer are equipped as standard equipment, allowing you to change the rotation speed and set the operating time.

・The body is made of all stainless steel and can be used in a clean room and glove box.

・Easier to remove the mortar than the previous model

<Other features>

・With a magnetic shatterproof/safety cover for easy removal

・ The load ratio against rated torque is displayed

・Beltless drive eliminates the need for belt tension adjustment and replacement.

・Equipped with a safety device that prevents the machine from starting up unless a shatterproof cover is attached as standard.

・Pestle type   

    Dustproof type* (D18S, D20S, D22S only), which requires almost no maintenance

    T type (D101S, D16S only), which allows customers to maintain the inside of the punch by removing the claw screws.

 *Oil seal is attached to the mouthpiece to prevent material from entering.

・Teflon rake plate is standard (D18S, D20S, D22S only)



Type of system D101S D16S D18S D20S D22S
Rotation method OR式(※1)
Rotating speed  (rpm) 8~50 8~50 8~30 8~30 8~35
Porcelain bowl Inner diameter (mm)  115 155 203 254 305
Depth (mm)  67 85 114 140 170
Working volume (liter) 0.2 0.4 1 2 4
Machine Dimensions Length (mm)  330 380 440 510 565
Width (mm)  250 260 285 340 390
Height (mm)  340 400 470 550 585
Power supply Single phase 100-120V (W)  60 90 90 100 200
Pestle type/number of pestles  T型1 T型1 防塵2 防塵2 防塵2
Pestle bar
Weight (kg)  15 20 30 40 50
(*1) Rotation method "OR type": The bowl does not rotate, but the pestle rotates itself while orbiting the bowl. 

Product movement

*This machine does not have an interlock function for the purpose of taking a picture of the machine operation.

video for No.20 (freestanding type)

PDF for printing

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we don't have catalog for D22S. Please contact us if you need a catalog or specification for D22S.
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